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Experienced "turn-key resource" of

Plastic Profile Extrusions

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SFR Industries is a leading manufacturer
of custom plastic profile extrusions for a
variety of industries including residential,
commercial and institutional furniture, store
fixtures and POP displays, plus a diversity
of original equipment manufacturers. In addition to our numerous standard plastic
profiles, we specialize in assisting you
with your unique custom profile extrusion requirements.

Our Profile Extrusion Process

Our plastic profile extrusion manufacturing process creates ongoing, uniform, two-dimensional, cross-sectional consistency with a range of materials and specifications. This process includes:

Thermoplastic raw material comes in pre-compounded pellet form.

Electrical and frictional heat within the extruder softens the plastic as it is continuously pushed forward through the die tool opening. The die opening begins the process of shaping the plastic extrudate into the finished part.

The plastic is further sized and cooled to the desired shape while being pulled downstream to ultimately be spooled or cut to length.

Sizing and cooling are critical components of the process. Profile sizing options include traditional air template and vacuum sized or calibration cooling systems.

Where volume justified, value-added operations are incorporated downstream between the sizing and cutting stages.

As you change, we change with you...

With over 35 years in the plastic extrusion business, we know how to remain a leader in custom plastic profile extrusions — BY KEEPING UP WITH CHANGE.

We've developed new eco-friendly materials and services to accommodate our customers ever changing requirements. Most importantly, we've learned how to build strong customer relationships. Besides being courteous and friendly, we deliver effective, efficient help. We work with you to provide a viable, lasting product for the marketplace.

Learn more about our plastic profile
extrusion company.



Green RoHS Vinyl

Environmentally Compliant
Formulations for the Planet
SFR Industries along with
Teknor Apex, a major vinyl
and thermoplastic compound
manufacturer, has developed
an eco-friendly vinyl compound
for T-moldings to be utilized
with commercial or institutional
tabletops, office furnishings,
and work surfaces.

Read more about Green RoHS Vinyl.


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