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At SFR Industries, we use a variety of high quality materials to create your custom extruded plastic profiles, proven to stand many years of wear and tear.

Rigid PVC

Economical and tough, Rigid PVC is inherently flame retardant and resistant to most chemicals. Rigid PVC can be offered in clear, opaque, weather resistant, high tensile, and impact resistant formulations that are easily machined.

Flexible PVC

Offered in a wide range from rubbery soft to semi-rigid, Flexible PVC is widely used for plastic profile extrusions because of its resistance to abrasion and ability to insulate. Flexible PVC is commonly used for weather stripping, impact resistant bumpers, flexible tubing, and cushioning devices.

Green RoHS Vinylâ„¢

A semi-rigid vinyl compound with significantly reduced VOCs and compliant with EU RoHS Vinyl standards for reduction of hazardous substances. The polymer is 57% derived from sea water and uses organically renewable plasticizers and stabilizers. RoHS Vinyl does not contain phthalate plasticizers.

Learn more about Green RoHS Vinyl profile extrusions.

Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene (ABS)

Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene is a rigid, versatile, and high-impact plastic with good chemical resistance to most non-aromatic compounds. It is used primarily in plastic profile extrusion applications where outdoor exposure is not required. ABS has a satin finish and is available in standard or custom colors. The cost of ABS is mid-point between engineering and commodity grades.

High Impact Polystyrene (HIPS)

High Impact Polystyrene is a rigid, economical, light-weight plastic which is used for rigid plastic profile extrusions and plastic tubing extrusions. High Impact Polystyrene typically has a flat finish and is available in natural (translucent white), standard, and custom colors.

Polyethylene (PE)

Polyethylene ranges from flexible (LDPE) to semi-rigid (HDPE). A very economical material, Polyethylene is good for plastic profile extrusion applications requiring low surface resistance. It is available in both FDA and industrial grades. Polyethylene also has very good chemical resistance and is available in natural (translucent white), standard, and custom colors..

Polypropylene (PP)

Polypropylene is a semi-rigid, light weight, economical plastic with excellent chemical resistance and a fairly high service temperature. Polypropylene is available in natural (translucent white), standard, and custom colors.

Thermoplastic Elastomer (TPE)

Thermoplastic Elastomers are a unique class of engineering materials combining the look, feel, and elasticity of conventional thermoset rubber with the processing efficiency of plastics. Because TPEs are thermoplastics, their melt-processability makes them very suitable for the custom profile extrusion process. As elastomers, TPEs exhibit true elasticity. The available range of grades encompasses rubber-like properties and offer a wide range of durometers, low compression set, and high elongation. Thermoplastic Elastomers can also be reclaimed and recycled.

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