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Green RoHS Vinyl™

A leader in custom plastic profile extrusions…

SFR Industries along with Teknor Apex, a major vinyl and thermoplastic compound manufacturer, has developed an eco-friendly vinyl compound for T-moldings to be utilized with commercial or institutional tabletops, office furnishings, and work surfaces.

Heavy Metal Free

Green RoHS Vinyl is compliant with EU RoHS (Reduction of Hazardous Substances) directive in terms of heavy metals.

Reduced Volatile Organic Chemicals (VOCs)

Green RoHS Vinyl is made with an 80% reduction in VOCs to meet most indoor air quality standards.

Phthalate-Free Plasticizer System

Green RoHS Vinyl phthalate plasticizers levels well below those required by the most stringent laws proposed for children’s products and toys.

California Proposition 65 Compliant

Compliant with materials outside those published by the state of California as known to cause cancer or birth defects or other reproductive harm.

100% Recyclable

SFR Industries recycles 99.9% of our internally generated manufacturing scrap. We work with our customers to recycle their manufacturing scrap and end-of-life consumer parts.

Minimal Environmental Impact

Sodium chloride, derived from sea water, comprises 57% of Green RoHS Vinyl polymer reducing foreign oil dependence. It also uses organically renewable plasticizers/stabilizers and requires less energy consumption for a smaller carbon footprint.

Contact SFR Industries today to see how your product can be extruded from this resin. SFR Industries is all about preserving the environment and doing our part to make it cleaner and safer for all generations.

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