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At SFR Industries, we offer a great
amount of information to our customers. One can find many common resources related to the custom plastic profile extrusion process.

Environmental Issues

We recognize the environmental concerns surrounding all plastics, especially those relating to PVC or vinyl. We believe it is our responsibility to inform you of these concerns and attempt to correct any misconceptions you may have.

The Vinyl Institute

We support the Vinyl Institute in their efforts to educate the public about the impact vinyl has on the environment as well as public health and safety.

View the Vinyl Institute’s website.

The Vinyl News Service

The Vinyl News Service provides valuable information regarding environmental issues surrounding vinyl compounds. Their website provides fact sheets including The Energy and Environmental Benefits of PVC.

View the Vinyl Institute's Fact Sheets.

Green RoHS Vinyl – Environmentally Compliant Formulations for the Planet

SFR Industries along with Teknor Apex, a major vinyl and thermoplastic compound manufacturer, has developed an eco-friendly vinyl compound for T-moldings to be utilized with commercial or institutional tabletops, office furnishings, and work surfaces.

Read more about RoHS Vinyl.

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