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Supporting our customer’s competitiveness in the marketplace with high quality products has always been and continues to be SFR Industries primary focus.

SFR Commitment

The SFR team is committed to being the industry leader in meeting customer demand. At SFR, we understand that being the leader requires that prompt, accurate, courteous service is provided by a highly skilled in house team, eager to work diligently to meet customer needs. We are prepared to tackle projects that start with hand drawn ideas on napkins, to sophisticated CAD renderings. The SFR team includes in-house design assistance team members who understand that listening is first and foremost to creating an accurate part detail that considers both part functionality, and production performance. The project continues to develop as a seamless handoff from the design team to the quoting team to assure that accuracy and efficiency are top priorities in delivering a prompt quote. In house toolings are the next team members to run with the project, delivering effective tooling within tight schedules, all while assuring that no detail is overlooked. Production, Packaging, and Secondary Operations (if required) take the project to completion by applying process skill, accuracy, and quality control. Once parts are in hand to our customer, SFR’s customer service continues to follow the project and continue the SFR commitment of being the industry leader in meeting customer demand.

From small to large quantities, single extrusions and co-extrusions the SFR team has delivered over 4,500 profile dies in Semi-Rigid materials, Flexible compounds and Rigid resins in a wide range of plastics having a full array of physical properties, and proving we have the experience to meet the demands of today’s customer.

Please review (below) the experience, commitment to quality, and in-house service that is built into all SFR produced parts:

With over thirty-seven years of industry experience, SFR Industries offers several value-added services to improve your custom plastic extrusions.


We have an experienced team of professionals to assist with the design and manufacturing of high-quality plastic extrusions, and specialize in custom profiles. We often present cost-saving ideas to our customers by offering suggestions or revisions on profiles without compromising the integrity or function. Our Tooling Department follows the development of your plastic profiles from the print to the end product, including cutting all dies in-house on our EDM’s. We also build our own vacuum calibrators for closer tolerances.


SFR has an extensive Secondary Department for adding extra features to your profiles, either simple or intricate. Some of our secondary operations include butt welding, hot stamping, CNC machining, special cuts, tape application, punching (both in-line and off-line), custom packaging, and even partial assembly in some cases. We recently purchased a deburring machine as to remove the sharp edges on cut to length dowels or rigid tubing.


We have color suppliers to match our material with any color requested, both Pantone and customized colors, including neon and metallic.


SFR production lines run with in-process inspection and quality control. These records are available upon request. We include inspection reports, material certification, and quality incentive programs.


SFR also offers stock and draw options for high-volume plastic profiles. Terms for this are based on quantity and length of commitment. This can be a cost-saving advantage in that the length of the run is increased, thereby decreasing the overall costs.


We have an excellent Customer Service Department, with each company being assigned to a specific Customer Service Representative (CSR). This CSR will process your orders, schedule the production, and follow through to shipment. They are available as an advocate for your business to answer questions and keep you informed of progress, etc. Your CSR’s job is to remain aware of your open orders and will diligently monitor to assure accuracy and as timely delivery as possible.

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