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January 2018

SFR Industries will celebrate 40 years of operation this year. From a humble start-up with 1,800 sq. feet of floor space and two used extruders, to our current 66,000 sq. foot extrusion factory with over 30 lines, as well as our new 15,000 sq. foot warehouse/inventory facility, it has been a great journey. Bob Stumm, President and Owner, extends his sincere gratitude to all customers and employees who have helped make this possible over the years. We expect more growth and are excited about the future!

Congratulations go out to Paul Borowick, who joined SFR 2 years ago as our Sales and Development Manager and has recently been promoted to Vice President at SFR Industries.

When new profiles are quoted for development, the lead time is generally 5-6 weeks pending receipt of PO and approved print. Prints submitted by customer are considered approved unless changes are recommended to make the part extrusion-friendly. Prints produced or revised by our Tooling Department will require signature for approval. The lead time for the development will start when the print approval is received, making this vital for developing your samples in a timely manner.

SFR Industries will be exhibiting at Global Shop 2018, which is at McCormick Place in Chicago this year from March 27th to March 29th. Our booth number is 943 and we invite anyone attending to visit us!

October 2017

An advocate is a person who argues for or supports a cause. Our Customer Service Department stresses advocacy for the client. From processing your order, releasing to production and monitoring progress, to shipment, your Customer Service Representative (CSR), is your most important contact at SFR Industries. The CSR will monitor the progress of your orders and will be your in-house proponent in daily meetings, when necessary, with production and management staff to facilitate timely deliveries, etc.

Co-extrusion is a great way to make an extrusion in more than one color or dual durometers. The tooling is more costly than single durometer; however, in many cases can reduce the number of parts needed for an assembly by providing one part with multiple functions. Our proprietary methods of securing our co-extruded materials give you confidence that your product will handle the most demanding conditions.

There are several factors in consideration when estimating and/or reviewing costs of a profile. These include, but are not limited to pounds of raw material and color per thousand feet, line speed, packaging, and labor. SFR strives to offer the most economical pricing for each profile by maintaining optimal run conditions through repeatability and procurement of raw materials at the lowest costs attainable.

SFR has been fortunate so far in that, while we did experience minor delays, to date the supply of raw materials was not too adversely affected by the recent active hurricane season.

July 2017

Plastic extrusion is a high-volume manufacturing process in which raw plastic is melted and formed into a continuous 2-dimensional profile. Extrusion produces items of complex cross sections with a smooth finish that is normally aesthetic. Profiles can be produced as single, dual, or tri-durometers.

Tooling costs are determined using factors such as wall thickness (es), volume, tolerance, cuts required, and complexity of dimensions. Some developments require pins, cutter bushings, and/or vacuum sizers, in addition to the actual die tool. All these considerations are taken into account by our in-house Tooling Department.

SFR Industries offers a wide variety of corrugated packaging, as well as bags, bundles, custom sized pallets, and heat treated and composite pallet components for international shipments. We also do custom packaging and some kitting. Please let us know if we can assist with special or custom packaging requirements.

Shipping from our facility is collect to buyer using the LTL or truckload carrier of your choice. For smaller shipments such as samples or single cartons, we offer UPS, Fed Ex, and, for those in the service area, SpeeDee Delivery services as well.

Contrary to what our media reports, 92% of retail dollars are spent in brick-and-mortar stores. The default mall industry data source, Reis, is showing that strip malls and regional malls have shown decline in vacancy for 6 years in a row now. The strength of our POP accounts seems to also indicate that retail is thriving and we are thrilled to be part of these projects. Please visit us at Global Shop 2018 in Chicago, on March 27-29, booth 943.

April 2017

A big Thank-You to our customers that are utilizing our conference skype capabilities. Having all project leads together on skype for discussion and demonstration has been very beneficial to Paul Borowick, Sales Manager, and James Sullivan, Tooling Manager, on a number of new projects to help assure the end function of your profile. Please consider this option to discuss new projects.

More is better; when requesting a quote for a new development, please provide as much information about the profile that you are able to divulge. Knowledge of the end use of a profile is valuable for quoting and development purposes. Material grade such as interior or exterior, color requirements, and estimated quarterly or annual usage is also beneficial. Any “fit-to” pieces you can provide once the order is placed for development are also instrumental in producing a successful part. Some details that look good on paper don’t necessarily function properly and the “fit-to” part allows us to make adjustments while developing to assure a workable profile as the end result.

We are pleased to announce the completion of our new warehouse/shipping facility! Please contact your Customer Service Representative if you are interested in a stocking program or in using a blanket order system to facilitate JIT supply at your facility.

SFR Industries has an extensive Secondary Department where we complete a variety of items to fine-tune your final profile. This ranges from low-tolerance precision cutting to machining and tapering with automated robotic systems. We also have capability to apply specialized decals and or tapes, as well as complete some kit assemblies. Contact us for evaluation and consideration of any secondary requirements you may have for your profiles. We are continually growing and expanding in this area and welcome new tasks.

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