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Design Assistance

Making your ideas take shape

With almost a century and a half combined expertise, SFR Industries product development team can assist with your plastic profile extrusion requirements.

If you need design assistance then you have come to the right company. Tell us what results you need. Leave the rest to us. We will offer innovated creative ideas and solutions for your product demands.

The success of any custom plastic profile extrusion relies on an appropriate design. The material selection and the ability to economically manufacture the plastic profile extrusion plays a major role in how the part is designed. With our manufacturing expertise and knowledge of various materials, we can offer valuable assistance to satisfy your design criteria where all factors are optimized.

Whether your idea is simply scratched on the back of a table napkin or a fully engineered CAD drawing, we’ll make your idea take shape. Our technical staff is available to assist you in developing a practical and detailed design, ensuring a superior finished plastic profile extrusion.

Material Selection

Even the most experienced product designer relies on all available resources to provide guidance through the ever-increasing and complicated variety of raw materials. SFR Industries and their material vendors have the knowledge and experience to provide such assistance.

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Manufacturing Process

When it comes to manufacturing a custom plastic profile extrusion or custom plastic tubing extrusion part, the variety of experience available within SFR Industries is rarely duplicated. As a leading manufacturer of custom plastic profile extrusions for a variety of industries, we specialize in catering to your specific needs while finding an economical solution.

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