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In a world of constant media bombardment, staying on the cutting-edge of advertising can be the difference between survival and business failure. We provided a versatile solution to a complicated product.


Exactec, a manufacturer of plastic fabrications and printed media for the point of purchase industry, was approached by a client to produce a unique advertising counter display. This product was to feature interchangeable advertising messages on check-out counters.

This product was designed to be user friendly by employees and to get information to the consumer.


The main concept of the product involved advertising messages that would change periodically. The plastic extrusion needed to fit perfectly with the clear protective acrylic components.


The design approach focused on dimensional precision. If the plastic extrusion was on the high side of tolerance, the acrylic panels would disengage. However, if the plastic extrusion was on the low side, they would not fit and have to be resized. Either option would create additional time and expense. By utilizing vacuum calibration tooling, we ensured consistent quality product.

This in turn helped the retailer to be able to change out advertising quickly keeping the consumer informed of new products while reducing time and cost for the Retailer.


The result successfully united a plastic profile extrusion, acrylic fabricated sheets and injection molded end caps that could be assembled consistently time after time.

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